Питч-презентация для стартапов (на английском языке) / «Pitch-presentation for Startup» (taught in English)

Any project requires careful and detailed preparation, but often the project success at the final stage depends on the public presentation, when your project should be presented in an extremely limited time: you have 1-3-5 minutes, which will decide your project prospectives. And there may not be a second chance.

For the conditions of extreme time limitations was been created pitch presentations, that will help you show what prospects your project has and which resources do you need.

The course aims to prepare you for any situation:

  • a meeting in the elevator (Elevator Pitch), when you have only 1 minute to make an impress;
  • short presentation of your project at the contest (Idea Pitch), not longer more than 3 minutes;
  • 5-minute format project presentation, aimed to attract investments into your project (Funding Pitch).

The course aims to develop the communication skills required for public speech, presentation, persuasion, argumentation and time control during a Pitch.

Course structure

  • Lectures - 14 academic hours
  • Practice - 14 academic hours
  • Self student work - 36 academic hours

Forms and methods of teaching

Education process is organized by working in small groups (no more than 4 people) using elements of problem-based learning and role-playing games in practical classes. Google Jamboard is used during lectures. Collaboration tools are used to create presentation materials (Google Docs, Canva). Flipped classroom technology is used to prepare for lectures.

Attestation rules

The current control of the Course is carried out in practical classes and consists in the performances of students included in the Portfolio:

  1. Elevator Pitch presentation;
  2. Idea Pitch presentation;
  3. Funding Pitch presentation.

Each of the elements of the current control is assessed by the Speech Plan (0/1 point) and the Public Speech Evaluation List (0-10 points).

A student is admitted to Final control only if he present Portfolio, which are prepared in accordance with the established requirements.

If the student has not present one of the pitch during the semester for any reason, he should provide a video pitch in accordance with the requirements no later than the last practical lesson.

Final control is carried out in the Portfolio format, which includes the work performed during the semester and the final individual reflexive work on the profile of the student's skills, which is based on competencies assessment by project members and teacher.

Reflexive work is assessed on a 0/1 point system.

According to the results of the final control students are grade "passed" or "failed".

The mark "passed" means successful mastering of the course.


Krasnov Aleks S.

  • Senior lecturer

  • Graduate School of Service and Trade